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A lifelong learner, passionate about software product development and how a team/organization building softwares can achieve "Great Results & Great Human Satisfaction". I strive to empower people around me to reach their highest potential by guiding product/platform teams to become values-driven, self-organizing and high-performant as well as partnering with the EPD triad and other stakeholders to create an environment where we continuously improve in order to achieve the desired business outcomes.


If you'd like to talk about anything, please don't hesitate to email me.

Job Opportunities

I'm currently looking for an opportunity to join a company where my hybrid skills are leveraged - ideally 75% people management and 25% individual contributor work, here is my updated resume.

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My careeer journey can be summarized into 3 phases:

Phase I | 2007-2017: as Camille Fournier describes it very well in her article “The Senior Shift”, this phase was about me growing from someone who needed a lot of oversight to an independent engineer. I focused on developing the best practices and pushing high-quality code. That led me to own bigger and more complex projects and show that I was capable, independent, and trustworthy (some examples: added Solr to support the Full Text Search and Redis as our caching system to improve the performance)

Phase II | 2017-2022: This phase was about increasing the scope of ownership, delivery, and impact. Started by leading the first product team where the EPD triad partnership operated in the way described by Marty Cagan (PM: viable & valuable, Design: Usable, Engineering: Feasible), experimenting with new ways of delivering a feature which resulted in releasing ahead of time and the team became an inspiration to other teams in the company. This phase was marked by developing leadership skills, guiding people through coaching, mentoring and sponsorship, and implementing strategies to cope with industry challenges like hiring, compensation, onboarding, retaining and attrition.

Phase III | 2022-Now: From my journey so far I have come to realize that any SaaS company will go through multiple transitions, for example, a successful feature launch or partnership that brings thousands or millions of new users and requires the company to scale the team and the application. While these transitions are inevitable, I am challenging myself to make them as smooth as possible for any organization and the people behind it by leveraging data to guide them in putting quickly in place adequate processes, habits/rituals and mindset for each transition.

About this site

To build this version of my website, I was inspired by this article from Manu Arora. The website is powered by Next.js and TailwindCSS, hosted on Netlify.